Mud, glorious mud

It’s like running a 10km race, but, with the added bonus of ankle deep mud.

Trying to avoid the deep bits is virtually impossible without going off course.

However, there must be a training benefit to running flat out over this type of terrain. Must be better that running a road 10km.

And finally, it helps the running club. I was taking part in a North Wales Cross Country League. Eryri Harriers are the reigning Division One champions. Even at my slow pace it helps the club with points.

Next race is in three weeks, no doubt there will be more mud involved, unless it freezes ;-)

Dirty legs after cross country

The highs and lows of marathon training…

After the crash, bang and wallop of the New Year’s Day race, it’s down to some proper training.

The plan calls for 5 runs a week, not certain I can fit them all in including work! Will try and run 4 a week and follow the schedule.

Some highlights of recent runs are:

A fast 10 mile training run.

A desperate run with tired legs

And a cracking run with Jason around the Marin mountain bile trail in Llanrwst.

Happy New Year

Why not start it with a race!

Off to Pen Y Pass for the annual Llyn Llydaw race. The forecast was spot on, lashing down and windy.

Cracking run out, but wet and cold. Head down now and increase the training. My time was 1:05:24, three minutes faster than last year. Don’t think it was down to fitness, more to do with confidence over the ground.

Well done to Adrian Williams, not only for being the DD (designated driver), but for a super fast time of  45:53, and Claudine Milligan, on not only her first fell run, but also her first fell race, finishing in around 1:07:53.

Hailstone and mud!

Hailstone and mud. That was the theme of today’s trail run.


Wet and wild!

Woosh, that was  bracing run. New route, only 4.22 miles, but, 360m of ascent.

Lashing with rain and blowing a gale! FAB!

Plan sorted!

At last I’ve sorted my training plan out. Reckon that’s the easy bit though. Need to stick to it!

First run in six days. Legs felt ok but need to be out more regularly, hopefully 4 times a week in the run up to Manchester.

Need a plan sorting!

No running since Tuesday. Need to sort my training plan out.

In the meantime, a good 11 miles.


The long run

For marathon and ultra training, at least one run of the week needs to be dedicated to “the long run”.

Tuesday evening is “the long run” time.

So, tonight’s long run was a run home from work via Llandudno. The first part of the route will be constant, up the Little Orme on to the Promenade. After that there is a choice of a 12.5, 13.5 or 17.5 route home.

During the early part of the training it will either 12.5 or 13.5. When it it gets to the longer long runs, the 17.5 includes a trip around the Great Orme.

Tonight’s run was the shortest of the three, 12.5 miles. It was a strong run, everything felt good.


After “manflu”

Quick Sunday afternoon dash out. Felt a bit under the weather Friday and Saturday, probably manflu!



Hi and welcome to

I will be posting after most of my runs in the build up to Manchester Marathon and then Kielder Ultra Trail 50km.