From high to low…

Where to start? High.

January. First hard month of marathon and ultra training. 140 miles for the month.

Finished off the month with a 9 mile run in some of the most atrocious conditions I’ve ever run in. Cold. Windy. Rain. Sleet. Weather warnings in place. But thrashed it for a half decent run, the hot shower after was very welcome.

So to February. Riding on a high from feeling on form in January, the first run of February was the week’s long run.

Planned 18 miles. The route is the same as the 16 but with an extra loop at 9 miles. Get as far as 4 and legs feel wooden. This feeling happens often on a long run, need to get into my stride, it can often take 8 or 9 miles.

9 miles is where the “additional loop” kicks in. Decided on the side of caution. Bailed out on the loop and headed back. Familiar territory.

Short stride and feet dragging, wind head on. Enter the darkness of the final mile, literally. Glad to be back at the car. Also, good to have a long run in the bag for the week, no matter how tough it was. Low.

Only one way to go!