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Under 2 weeks, what will the race plan be?

Less than 2 weeks to go until Manchester Marathon.

So how’s the training gone?

Fairly well actually. Always a nice feeling to get the long runs out of the way. Was getting really bored of plodding the same route. Not so much the running, more the noise of the traffic, dogs and people.

Now I’m not anti social, but running around the village or in the woods means peace and quiet. I don’t need to worry about people getting in the way, traffic, although there is still the occasional dog that pops out to see me.

Back to the preparation, compared to last year my mileage will be down by about 30 miles, not bad considering I had a lot more time to train last year.

The plan for the race; thinking that this might be my last flat course marathon, that the training has gone fairly well, that I’m not starting in the pen with the panto horse. I’m going to push to beat last year’s time of 4:28. My ideal goal would be sub 4:20, if I can run sub 10 minute miles for the whole race I can do it, I reckon by mile 22 I will know what’s likely to happen.

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4 weeks to go…but a cracker today!

Not long now. 4 weeks tomorrow and it will be part 1, Manchester Marathon.

Back to today.

Rhayader Round the Lakes 20.

Wasn’t expecting too much. Training has been going ok, nothing outstanding like last year.

Speaking of last year, the weather forecast was looking better, no snow!

Met up with an ex colleague at the start, Dave Edwards. He has been a great encouragement and help since I started running. Always pushed me, always been faster.

Set off together knowing that he’d pull away, and he did.

The race starts by the leisure centre and goes through the town centre, then, it’s uphill for the first few miles. Noticed Davey was within reach, 50 – 60 metres ahead. By the top of the hill I was with him, pulled away on the downhill but he caught up again. Ran together for roughly 10 miles then we parted, not sure if I pulled away (probably not) or he slowed down (more likely).

Doesn’t matter, I was in for 3:20, Dave was in for 3:26.

Cracking training run for 4 weeks tomorrow.